Sounds of Notre Dame Cathedral

Pentecost bells, May 23, 2010

Christmas Eve Midnight Mass Procession, Dec 24, 2012

Memorial bells after the Charlie Hebdo attack, January 8, 2015


Le Matrimoine Parisien - Discover the City's Female Cultural Heritage

Le Matrimoine Parisien is a student project that lists women's cultural creations in the city of Paris on an interactive map. I thought this was such a great project that I wanted to be able to share it with all of the Secrets of Paris readers! As the background information, instructions on using the map, and information about the creators is just as important as the map itself, I have translated the entirely of the text into English here as a reference for those of you who can’t easily translate the French yourselves. The links are all direct to the original website. Enjoy, and please share, like and follow these wonderful artists on the Matrimoine Parisien FB and Twitter accounts! - Heather

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Chantilly’s Private Princely Apartments Reopening

Updated on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 by Registered CommenterHeather Stimmler-Hall

There are many things that make the Domaine de Chantilly unique (and, in my opinion, much more interesting to visit than Versailles). Its last resident was Henri d’Orléans, Duke d'Aumale, and son of the last King of France, Louis-Philippe. His family’s princely apartments, the only remaining examples from the Monarchie de Juillet in France, will be reopened this month after several years of careful renovations.

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Inexpensive Houseplants by Plantes Pour Tous

If the title of this article has you wondering what the big deal is, move along, this isn't for you. For the rest of us -- plant addicts (or repeat offender houseplant murderers) who can't seem to go a week without bringing home a new green leafy friend -- Plantes Pour Tous just might be the best thing to hit Paris since the Métro extended its weekend hours. 

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Free Noctural Entrance to the Louvre Every 1st Saturday

The Louvre Museum is already open evenings until 9:45pm every Wednesday and Friday, but now it's also open every first Saturday of the month FOR FREE from 6pm-9:45pm. 

Meant to entice the locals to visit the museum again (or for the first time), the main two wings Denon and Sully are open to freely visit on your own, while the Richelieu wing is open for guided visits only (in French), which can be reserved on the Louvre's FB page a week before the first Saturday. These extra activities include live music, flashlight tours, storytelling, and games. 

Tip: As the Louvre Museum broke every possible record for attendance in 2018 (over 10 million visitors!), save yourself a headache by purchasing your ticket in advance or using the "Affluences" app to see in real-time how long the lines are at the three main entrances. There will always be lines for security, even when there's free entrance, but in general Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7pm-9pm are usually the least crowded.


Recycling in Paris Just Got Easier

Now that most Parisians are used to dropping off their Christmas trees at at the city's 174 recycling points since the Mairie de Paris (City Hall) introduced the practice in 2016, this year they're making it even easier to recycle everyday items in Paris!

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