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Calendar of Paris Events

October 21-30 A bit like a smaller, cozier version of the Foire de Paris, the Foire d'Automne at the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles is a trade show of food and wine, home decor, beauty and fashion, and all French arts de vivre. Open 10am-7pm, entry €9. 

October 27-29
The last big electronic music festival of the year, the Pitchfork Festival, takes place over three days at the Grande Halle de la Villette (Parc de la Villette, 19th). One-day passes €54,  three-day passes €120.

October 28 - November 1
Stuff yourself with all kinds of chocolately goodies at the annual Salon du Chocolat, at the Paris-Expo - Porte de Versailles (metro line 12), 10am-7pm. Entrance €14. You can get advance tickets online or ask at your favorite chocolate shop if they have any extra invitations. Avoid the weekend unless you're a masochist! Here are some Salon du Chocolat tips from a previous article by Secrets of Paris intern Tara Oakes. 

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***Secrets of Paris Newsletter #19: December 15, 2001***


*From the Home Office
*Babysitting Services
*Sexiest New Book Store
*Last-Minute New Year's Ideas
*Africolor Festival
*Free Museums
*Light Labyrinth
*Futuristic New Restaurant
*Elegant Way to Brunch

* From the Home Office *
Last weekend I got to spend a wonderful three days in Paris checking out all of the latest new nightspots with my pal Claire. It may be sunny down here on the Riviera, but nothing beats the variety and quality of nightlife in Paris today. In this issue I'll tell you about one place, Au Coin de la Rue, where we had dinner. For the rest, you'll just have to keep coming back to check in future issues (that's not so bad, is it?) If you're in Paris for the holidays, you shouldn't be at a loss for things to do, even in the cold and damp. It's so wonderfully decorated this time of year! And if you want to take a ride on the giant Ferris Wheel at Place de la Concorde, this is your last chance -- rumour is it closes at the end of the year. I'm off to Spain with the dogs and Mr. Heather for (hopefully) some warm weather camping. Next issue comes out the second week of January. Happy holidays! -H

* Babysitting Services *
Did you know that the Paris Tourism Office can recommend numerous reputable babysitting services in Paris? Enjoy a night out on the town or a romantic dinner à deux without the worry of keeping Junior up too late. Check out the details at the Official Paris Tourism Office website (under Organizing Your Stay, Children): http://www.paris-touristoffice.com/index_va.html

* Sexiest New Book Store *
Taschen, publisher of the best coffee table books in the world, has opened its first Signature shop on rue Buci in the 6th. Decorated by Phillipe Starck, it's a sexy place with dark wood walls, bronze and stainless steel trimmings, and a large flat screen on the back wall for videos. A great place to browse all of those naughty Taschen erotic art books. 2 rue de Buci. Open daily 11am-8pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-Midnight.

* Last-Minute New Year's Ideas *
Check out the Pariscope's "Spécial Fêtes" for all of the St. Sylvestre (New Year's) soirées around Paris. Listing include prices and dinner menus for locations all over Paris. There's also a gift guide for some help with last-minute shopping. 9.50ff at Newsstands.

* Africolor Festival *
From December 14-25 in multiple locations around the Seine Saint-Denis suburbs, catch the sounds of Africa in the popular annual musical festival. An excerpt of the press: "The programme lays stress on "firsts": musical tapestries, unexpected encounters, bridges between continents, homages, first steps…we'll journey from Iran to Mali, from Africa to the south of France, via Madagascar, the Comores, Ivory Coast and Congo." Get more info at their bilingual website: http://www.africolor.com/index_us.htm

* Free Museums *
As of December 22, all permanent collections of the National Museums of Paris will be free to the public. Temporary exhibitions will still be charged, but are free to children 13 and under. Culture for the masses!

* Light Labyrinth *
The EDF Espace Electra has a free exhibit of hyperluminary artists who use light to underscore the mysteries of the world. Let yourself get mesmerized by the light and mirror labyrinth. "Les Mondes Lumière" Through February 17. Tel: 01-53-63-23-45. 6 Rue Récamier, Metro Sèvres-Babylone. Open daily noon-7pm, closed Mondays.

* Futuristic New Restaurant *
Au Coin de la Rue is a strangely homey name for this futuristic new restaurant near the Madeleine. Opened just a month ago, this restaurant has Bang & Olufsen sound and flat screens on the silver walls (with little lights that gradually change color). The designer furniture and table setting by Hugues Chevalier, Jean Nouvel, Ron Arad, and Yamakado keep it from looking like a set for the Jetson's. Not to mention the food! Claire and I had a wonderful meal, everything was great! Count on at least 300ff for a full meal, and make sure to reserve in advance for lunch or dinner. The fashionable crowd is quickly taking up residence! Open daily 8am-2am. Corner of Rue Castellane and Rue Greffhule in the 8th arr., Metro Madeleine. Tel: 01-44-71-06-12

* Elegant Way to Brunch *
The Hotel Lutécia has brought back its popular Sunday Brunch. A chic and elegant place to take the parents (when they're paying). In the Salon Borghèse. 38€, including beverages. On the corner of Rue de Sèvres and Rue de Babylone, Metro Sèvres-Babylone. Reserve at 01-49-54-46-76.

* The Latest at Suite101.com *
Thinking of moving to Paris? The latest article lists some of the best expat web sites to help you get a good idea of what you'd be getting yourself into! (http://www.suite101.com/article.cfm/4820/86117)

Sadly, the Secrets of Paris website at Suite101 will be no more by the end of the year (don't worry, you'll still get the newsletter), so go and bookmark your favorite links before they go offline. Coming in the new year….the new Riviera & Provence Insider! Thanks everyone who has visited the site over the past three years!

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