Established in 1999 by Heather Stimmler, Secrets of Paris the oldest independent and locally-owned website about Paris in English, for both visitors and residents. Today it remains the trusted reference for alternative news, original feature stories, useful sightseeing advice, reviews and recommendations, and insider information about Paris written by professional journalists, travel writers and local experts living and working in Paris. 

Our Mission & Values

 We support responsible journalism and promote sustainable tourism. What does that mean for you?

Responsible Journalism = Accountability Our readers appreciate our commitment to the traditional journalistic values of accuracy, fairness, transparency, integrity, and independence. We believe there’s a real desire for reliable, in-depth, well-written, engaging, informative, and original travel writing. Secrets of Paris serves our local community of English-speaking residents and visiting travelers, not advertisers, marketing reps, corporate brands or search engines. 

Sustainable Tourism = Authentic Paris Secrets of Paris helps you discover the small, local businesses, artisans and artists who contribute to the Parisian community, its people and the environment. We believe slow travel fosters greater understanding and real human connection. We’re not into mass tourism, international chains, or butts-in-seats “fast track” herd-mentality tourism that makes big bucks for tour operators by commodifying Paris and forcing you all into overpriced tourist traps and cookie-cutter tour packages. We believe sustainable tourism benefits both the Parisian community and the intelligent, engaged traveler looking for a more authentic travel experience. We treat our Secrets of Paris readers like human beings, not consumers.

Submission Guidelines

Although we rarely publish one-off articles from outside contributors, Secrets of Paris is always looking for well-written, fully-researched articles that provide truely useful information to our readers. "Secrets of Paris" means that this information isn't already easily found on every other English-language website about Paris! Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the kind of information we regularly publish (and what we clearly avoid). Purely commercial posts are not accepted, nor are any articles by "content providers" on behalf of clients. All contributors must be at least part-time residents of Paris. There is no payment for outside contributions at this time, however all articles are accompanied with the author's full name, short bio (with photo if desired), and a website link. All articles must be exclusive to Secrets of Paris (not published elsewhere). Send detailed pitches to us here


Join Our Team

Interested in joining the Secrets of Paris team? We offer 3-6 month internships in journalism, travel industry, social media/website management, and business development. Conversational French is essential. There is no pay, but there are many benefits! All internships have the opportunity to develop into full-time partner positions. Please send a letter outlining your background and what you'd like to learn in a Secrets of Paris internship to