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Catacombes de Paris
1, avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy, 14th
Tel 01 43 22 47 63
M° or RER

The old quarry tunnels of Paris have housed the skulls and bones of the former cemetery of the Innocents since the 18th century. The catacombes are a visit to the underground side of Paris that leaves no one indifferent.

Opening Hours: Daily except Monday from 10am-5pm. Last admission is at 4:00pm. Closed on holidays.

Tickets: Entry to the museum is €8; reduced youth fee of €6

Free Entrance : Kids under 12.

Heather's Tip: The entrance can be hard to find; it's in one of the central islands on the square, opposite the RER station, look for a dark green door. Old guidebooks say to bring a flashlight, but that's not necessary. You'll be walking down a long spiral staircase then through ten minutes of bare tunnels before making it to the Catacombes entrance. The ground is crushed white gravel, sometimes a bit damp, so wear appropriate shoes. It takes about an hour to walk all of the way through; there are no short cuts.   

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