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Hédiard needs a new webmaster

Okay, so I mentioned in the April newsletter that the gourmet fod boutiqe Hédiard had opened a new location in the Gare de Lyon. And that much is true. However it's not open until 9pm, nor is the Place de la Madeleine open late anymore.

I needed some pink Champagne on Tuesday, and I don't get out of yoga class until 8pm, so I thought I'd go peek at the new Gare de Lyon boutique, and it was closed! There was no sign with opening hours, so I'm assuming it closed at 8pm along with the other station boutiques. So I métro'd across town to the one at the Place de la Madeleine, which is listed on the official website as being open until 10pm.

I got there at 8:55pm and they were already closing the doors. I dove inside and asked for a bottle of the new Veuve Cliquot Rose Champagne, preferably a chilled one. Thankfully they didn't kick me out, even though the chilled bottles were all locked up already (they had to find the one guy who had the key). While they were looking for the key guy, I asked why they were closing at 9pmwhen the website said 10pm.

"Oh, we haven't changed the site," says the cashier. "Everyone who comes here knows we close at 9pm now."

Uh huh. Now y'all know, too.

Place de la Madeleine until 9pm.
Gare de Lyon until 8pm.


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