Introductions, summer intern!

Andrea%20Picture.jpgHello, bonjour!  I need to introduce myself, because Heather is allowing me to tag along and learn about her life as a writer/tour guide in Paris.  I'll be helping Heather out this summer - updating her website, and tracking down exciting events to share.  So if you see entries submitted by me, don't be too surprised!

 A little bit about myself - in the fall, I'll be starting my junior year at Carleton College (Heather's alma mater!).  For the past ten weeks, I have been living in Paris, participating in a study abroad program.  Studying abroad in this wonderful city has been amazing.  I'm excited however to continue my "Paris experience" from a little different angle.  I found Heather on a list of Carleton graduates, and from the first email, she has been welcoming and encouraging of my interest in helping her.  She has been more than kind in allowing me this opportunity.  So, thanks Heather!

 I've thoroughly enjoyed my time so far in Paris, and I look forward to continuing my explorations, and to helping you enjoy your visits here as well!

 Nice to meet you all!

Andrea Rockwood 


CNN Series Profiles French Business, Culture & Politics

As much as I detest the simplistic news coverage of CNN, their Eye on France is a good place to catch up on "French News Lite": 

"As both the French and the international community reflect on Nicolas Sarkozy's first year in power, CNN International's "Eye on.." strand decamps to some of France's most iconic landmarks to put the nation under the spotlight as it redefines its place on the world stage."

I'm curious what you all think about the articles (and if I'm not the only one who noticed that all 17 of the people asked what it means to be French are men).


Naughty Paris Sneak Preview!

I've just spent the last week working on the new Naughty Paris Guide website, and this morning at 6am I finally finished the preview video so you can see how pretty the inside looks. Go have a peek and let me know what you think!


Cannes Film Festival in Paris

CannesFilmFest.jpgCan't make it to Cannes for the famous film festival this week? Pas de problème, you can still catch some of the action right here in Paris. Immediately following the festival the films of the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs will be shown from May 28-June 3 in Paris' Cinéma des Cinéastes (7 ave de Clichy, 17th M° Place de Clichy).

Also known as The Directors' Fortnight, the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs is a special selection of about 1000 films from countries all over the world that are shown out of competition. It's the only part of the festival open to the general public, and has featured debut screenings of films from Werner Herzog, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Nagisa Oshima, George Lucas, Martin Scorsese, Jim Jarmush, Michael Haneke, Spike Lee, the Dardenne Brothers, Sofia Coppola…

Tickets are just €5.50 (less than a regular movie!). For more info visit the Forum des Images.


Wine, cooking, dancing and French conversation

I just added three new Paris Activities pages to the Resource Guide today (and it's about time, sheesh!):

- Food & Wine 
A selection of wine tasting courses and cooking classes in Paris.

- Conversation
Practice your French and meet the locals and international expats.

- Dancing
Learn a few new moves or show off the ones you already have! 

What was the happy occaison? I finally got a chance to meet Theresa Murphy of La Cucina di Terresa, and attend one of her classes. Here are some photos of our lovely evening.

The ingredients: all organic, fresh, local produce.












Our hostess Theresa, showing us how it's done. 

The ladies watching carefully (with our glasses of wine).

Shucking fresh peas...

...For our 'Risi e Bisi' à la Theresa (she specializes in risotto).

Hungry now? Find info about her classes in the Food & Wine section.


Updated Calendar

Lots of exciting events happening in May, check out the calendar for regular updates.