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Calendar of Paris Events

Through July 31
The 22nd annual Paris Jazz Festival: come enjoy traditional Parisian and international jazz music in the Bois de Vincennes's Parc Floral. Entrance to the park is 6 €.

Through August 21
The 30th annual Fête des Tuileries funfair with carnival rides at Tuileries Gardens starts today, free entry, rides with individual tickets. Plenty of food stands, too!

Through August 27
La Nuit aux Invalides is an impressive sound and light show in the courtyard of Invalides highlighting the monument's history (Louis XIV, Napoléon, Charles De Gaulle), in English on Monday and Thursday nights. Tickets €18 (adult price). See the teaser video.

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Secrets of Paris gives 10% of all tour fees to the French food bank, Les Restos du Coeur


Couture Disney Princess Dress Auction for UNICEF

Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Cinderella, Cruella, Snow White, Tinkerbell, Minnie Mouse, Ariel...25 famous designers have created one-of-a-kind couture dresses to reinterpret the wardrobe of Disney's famous princesses. The dresses are on display at Christie's (9 ave Montaigne, 8th) on November 18 (2-6pm) and November 19 (10am-noon). Designers include Fifi Chachnil, Jacques Garcia, Frank Sorbier, Corrine Cobson, Vivienne Westwood, and Cinderella's glass slipper by Baccarat. You can place an absentee bid during your visit or by sending in the form here. All proceeds go to UNICEF, so no need to feel any guilt in indulging yourself!


November Strikes

Transportation strikes begin tonight around 8pm and will supposedly continue through Wednesday evening the 14th. No word yet whether they will continue striking through the 20th (along with other non-transport strikers). Here is the current schedule of transportation in Paris:

- RER A & B: no service

- RER C, D & E: no information

- Metro 1: 25% service (1 in 4 trains running)

- Metros 2-13:  10% service (1 in 10 trains running)

- Metro 14: 100% Service (heh heh, this one is run automatically, no drivers to strike)

- Trams 1-4: 10% service

- Busses: 10% service

- Eurostar/Thalys Trains: Normal service reported by French news services, but the Thalys website shows that a few trains have been cancelled.

- Regional Trains (Ter, Transilien): Absolute minimal service during rush hour

- Corail and SNCF TGV: 10% service 

Toll-free number (from a land line) for information on SNCF traffic: 0 805 700 805

Toll-free number (from a land line) for information on RATP traffic: 0 800 15 11 11

Interestingly, 62% of the French don't think that the strikes are justified, according to a poll published today in the free Métro newspaper. 


Newsletter #80: October- November 2007

IN THIS ISSUE: * Heather’s News * Upcoming Events * Beaujolais Nouveau Bars * Volunteer Work Opportunities * For All Americans Living Overseas * New Year’s Eve Ideas * Dancing in Paris Websites * Japanese Dining * Responsible Shopping * Luxury Shopping Portal * Sightseeing: Arts-et-Métiers Museum * Hotels: Fodor’s Hotel Updates *Speaking of … Paris in Cinema

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Halloween in Paris

Still looking for a fun Halloween party? It seems the very American holiday has finally taken hold in Paris, so almost every nightclub and bar is doing something for the big night:

 - Le Showcase (from 10pm, free until midnight, €10 after that) under the Pont Alexandre III, prizes for the best costume, hosted by Count Dracullmann (Nicolas Ullmann).

- The Urban Nights soirées at Six Seven, Ice Bäar and l'Aqua at Trocadéro are having Halloween theme nights, €15-20 (printout the page on the site for the discount); open bars from 7pm-8:30pm.

- Le Paris-Paris  is having a Zombie Disco party, from 11pm, free entry. Costumes required.

- Le Néo Club is also having a Halloween party. Have an awesome costume if you want to get past the doorman (preferably scary: think resurrected rock star, Jason, Freddy, vampire, monster, etc).  Free entry, from midnight.

I got my vampire costume at  "La Poupée Merveilleuse" (9 rue du Temple, across from BHV). They have a huge selection, not too expensive. Lots of wigs. There are also costume rentals in the Passage Brady (10th), on the east end of the Blvd Sebastopol.

Pedro (Devil) and Lena (Bat) in their costumes.


Chocolate Fair Friday-Monday

 Time for the annual chocolate fair! Salon du Chocolat, October 19-22 at the Paris Expo: Porte de Versailles. You can't possibly eat all of the free samples you'll get (send them to me, thanks)!


Gibus Club 40th Anniversary This Weekend!

The Gibus is a popular dance club in Paris that has managed to survive four decades of changing musical tastes from Punk to French rock to electronic music and hip hop. Friday and Saturday night, midnight until 6am, entry €20 (free for ladies until 1am, print out the pass on their website). Sunday night from midnight until noon, free entry all night.