Me & Audrey Tautou

I spent all Wednesday morning hanging out at Harry's New York Bar (Sank Roo Doe Noo), but before you think my barfly tendencies have returned, I have to say I was working. Earlier in the month I was called in to be an extra for another Claude Berri film (I was an extra for "L'Un reste, l'autre part"), and spent a sweltering afternoon in an un-air conditioned theatre as part of the "audience". I didn't recognize any of the actors, but thought that one of the girls looked a lot like Audrey Tautou, almost as if she could be her little sister.

Almost three weeks later, they're still filming the same movie (tentatively titled "Ensemble, c'est tout") and the casting agent calls to ask if I could do a bar scene at Harry's. I love that bar, so I agreed to come along for another day of filming, this time happy to be indoors on such a wet and chilly day (where the heck did spring go, anyway?). In the beginning I'm at the back of the bar at a table of four, chatting with the other extras. When I see the little Audrey look alike I mention it to the others. "C'est elle," they tell me. It is her!

I had just seen "Da Vinci Code" a few days earlier, so the image of her with longer hair was still fresh in my mind. "But she's so young looking!" And they all agreed, she looks like a teenager in person. I got a closer look later in the scene when I was told to stand next to her at the bar, pretending to talk another extra (we can move our lips, but aren't allowed to make any sound...harder than it looks!) and she's just sooooo tiny!! Maybe five feet tall, 90pounds max. She looks so much...taller on screen. I was obsessed at how small her arms looked next to mine (and I have small arms).

I wish I could say Audrey and I got to know each other between takes, but in French films the extras don't "mix" with the actors. She looked very tired, or maybe that was just for the scene (she had to produce tears at one point). According to an article in Le Figaro, the actress may return to theatre to escape the craziness of her "Da Vinci Code" fame. In any case, it seems she has a long career in front of her!


The Poodle of the Place des Vosges

I just finished adding some (mostly doggie-centric) pet info to the Pets in Paris section of the Resource Guide. Would love to hear your suggestions on what else I should add to the page.


If you've ever eaten at Ma Bourgogne (and you should, yum yum!), you may have seen the resident poodle making himself at home.



Café de l'Homme Photo

Here's a photo of the Eiffel Tower (duh) taken from my table at the Café de l'Homme. Read all about it in the May Newsletter.



TRIK at Le Paris-Paris

Saw the Franco-American group TRIK last night at Le Paris-Paris. Read all about it (and peek at the pics) on the Naughty Paris Blog.



Music and Poetry

Last week the Canadian Club organized an evening of poetry by Australian William La Ganza (seated in the photo) and music by Dushan di Concilio of Uruguay at the home of a Brazilian artist Sonia Daly.


Abbey Bookshop owner Brian Spence (standing) -- and probably the only actual Canadian in the Canadian Club (which, we are told, is not really a club) -- introduces the evening in typically bilingual aplomb. The Canadian Club will be celebrating ten years of being neither a club nor strictly Canadian on June 22. Stay tuned for details...



Welcome to the Dark Side

Black Calavados, aka BC
40 Avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie, 8th
Tel 01 47 20 77 77

Back in the 1970s this place was the hotspot for French rockers like Serge Gainsbourg. It was reopened during Fashion Week in March and has become the coolest place to see and be seen by the fashion and music crowd. The address is right off the Avenue George V, and the €17 Gray Goose cocktails reflect the local real estate prices. But unlike most of the poseur bars in the 'hood, this place is actually very cool.

It's very, very dark. Good thing the furniture is lit up!

There's a restaurant upstairs, and a bar downstairs (both have their own entrance on the street; the one with the bouncer is the bar). Both are decorated almost completely in black (like the clientele) and stainless steel. It's a wonder anyone can see each other! It got instant fashionista cred when John Galliano threw his post-catwalk party there, and instant street cred when everyone found out that Grunge legend Chris Cornell (originally of Sound Garden, now of Audioslave) is one of the owners.

I got there just before midnight on a Thursday. It does take a few minutes for the eyes to adjust. The staff were super friendly, which is almost suspicious in this part of town. I was told that Thursdays are "hard rock" nights, and they were indeed blasting Guns 'n' Roses, AC/DC, Marilyn Manson, and Nine Inch Nails. I was introduced to two "regulars" (they were at the launch party), Ginnie and Elodie, and we staked out a booth as the crowd started growing. Just after we ordered our second round of drinks, one of the servers told us we'd have to move to the next booth over because "that's the owner's seat, and he'll be here in a minute."

With cool chicks, Elodie (left) and Ginnie (center), at BC.

I may be too old to scream and throw my panties at rock stars, but I'm not too old to drool (good thing it was dark). Monsieur Cornell was in fine shape, indeed (as was his wife, sigh). The crowd was made up of beautiful people sporting more fashionable piercings and tattoos than Chanel and Versace, and by 2am there was barely enough space to move at the bar.

Too bad this girly had to work in the morning, or I would have stayed for another Vodka-Apple. I left Ginnie, Elodie and their friend Edouard (aka Eddie Munster) plotting the rest of their night out.

If you go, don't arrive earlier than midnight...