Have you seen me in that Jaguar ad?

Last summer my friend Freddie, who makes a living as a casting agent, asked me if I wanted to be in a Jaguar ad. I immediately pictured myself at the wheel of a sleek new convertible Jag, gliding through the streets of Paris in a pair of oversized sunglasses, scarf trailing behind me...

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Gas prices in France reach $5.67/gallon

So how do the French deal with this? After all, that's a LOT! Check out their thrifty Euro-saving tactics...

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Doggie Luvvin'

My doggies were in need of their fix: a trip to Mon Bon Chien, the only doggie bakery in Paris!

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Scenes from the Covered Passages

I love roaming around the historic covered passages of Paris...

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Check out the Calendar!

Don't miss all of the fun stuff I just added to the Calendar of Events, including Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry's, a fashion show and sale for a good cause, and the Belleville artists Open Atelier days coming in May.

And for the kind reader who asked for info on the Foire du Trone...don't bother! A horribly tacky and expensive carnival of the same head-spinning rides and games you'd find in any American city. Do you really have enough space in your Parisian studio for a giant stuffed panda?!!


How to Look Like a Tourist

I caught these two visitors from Kansas doing the "touching the top of the Eiffel Tower" photo...

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