Paris Hotels Where You're Not Yet Looking

Room at the Parister

I’ve only ever lived in the 9th and 10th of Paris, but most of my tour clients never stayed in these areas. Moreover, the guidebooks I update all the time have very few worthwhile hotels to recommend in this area, a sort of no-man’s land between Pigalle and Montorgueil.

Over the past few years, that’s started to change.

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The Paris Dream Trip (Part 3): Where to Stay

Where to Stay

OK, OK, so you’ve decided on a trip to Paris, and you’ve figured out what time of year you want to go. But where on earth are you going to stay? What part of town? And what kind of digs? It's complicated. Let's talk about it.

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2017 Marchés de Noël – Christmas Markets

The "big" news is that there's no Christmas Market on the Champas-Elysées this year (good riddance to a market full of cheap junk). But this is Paris, so of course there are PLENTY more places to waste your money enjoy the Christmas spirit. The usual street corners will have a few chalets with mulled wine and pretzels, such as the Alsace Market in front of the Gare de L'Est and the questionably artisan stands at Place St-Germain des Près. But there are many more to choose from throughout the city. 

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You say classic, I say comedy - in French with English subtitles

Want to check out the latest French theatre shows but don't understand French? Theatre in Paris has made the best French theatre productions available for English-speakers, with a dedicated English online ticketing platform, subtitles projected above the stage, and a "good seat guarantee".

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Ephemeral Street Art Museum

Despite the gray skies -- or maybe because of them -- I decided to make the trek to the outer eastern edge of the 18th arrondissement (far from tourist-friendly Montmartre) to see the street artists at L'Aérosol.

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The Paris Dream Trip (Part 2): When to Travel

When to Travel

You've all seen it: in a B (or C) movie, a dapperly dressed man with darts of moustache swans in, purses his lips, flutters his eyes and coos about Pareese in zee spreeng-time.

But is that really the best time to visit the City of Light? What’s wrong with zee summer-time, zee autumn-time, or zee winter-time?

The fact is, there are plenty of good times to go to Paris—along with some not-so-good ones.

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