Creeping Beneath Paris

One Sunday not long ago, on a Paris street that shall remain nameless, I met up with a mustachioed Frenchman we’ll call Gilles. He wore tattered blue coveralls and carried a four-foot-long iron bar. When no one was looking, he pried open a manhole cover, and we disappeared into the underworld.

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Photo of the week

Musée Cognacq Jay


Paris reimagined - a new metro map?

When Constantine Konovalov came to Paris two and a half years ago, he was struck with the difficulty of reading the metro map. He found it hard to orient himself, and too easy to lose track of where he was. For Parisians, the map is a familiar muddle. But for Constantine, an information designer, this was a challenge to solve. 

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Salon de l'Agriculture - the farm comes to Paris

Cow's butts are just the beginning! There's so much to see and do at the Salon de l'Agriculture - check our insider tips to make the most of your visit.

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Beyond Sushi -- Japanese Food in Paris

What do you do if you’re in Paris but you don’t want to eat French?  Crazy question, right? After all, France pretty much put gastronomy on the map (and in the dictionary). How could you possibly want anything else? 

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Carnaval in Paris

Today it's the 20th annual Carnaval de Paris. More street party than spectacular, this is the last true ‘traditional’ carnival run by locals. No big fancy floats, just a lot of people dressed up in crazy costumes, making a lot of noise and having a ball!

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