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Calendar of Paris Events

Through February 19
Skate on the Eiffel Tower! This year the ice skating rink on the first level of the Eiffel Tower is back, free for those who already have a ticket for the Tower, open daily 10:30am-10:30pm. Skip the line by taking the stairs, it will help you warm up, too! Skates size 25-47 (EU), sleds and scooters for kids, gloves are required. This year's theme is Ice Hockey, though it will be less brutal than the NHL!

January 11 - February 21
The annual winter sales, aka Les Soldes. Honestly, the rules about when and how sales can take place in France since the economic crise have essentially made the sales irrelevant. There are sales all of the time now (often called "promotion" or "7 Jours BHV" or something like that). 

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Vegan Paris

Last weekend there were two big vegan events in Paris, the Veggie Pride parade and market at Place Stalingrad overlooking the canal, and the Veggie World fair at Le Centquatre.

I went to the fair to find some decent vegan cheese for making pizza, and ended up going home with a whole grocery bag full of Tofurky sausages, Nakd raw energy bars in different flavors, bottles of Fils de Pomme artisan cider made an hour from Paris, different kinds of cheese, Rrraw raw chocolates (you can see them at this month’s see them at the Salon du Chocolate, October 28-Nov 1), and some baking ingredients that are now getting easier to find in Parisian health food shops (like egg substitute). There were also dozens of stands selling vegan dishes to enjoy sur-place, from burgers (the Dutch Weedburgers sold out) and hot dogs to sushi and pastries. Lines were long and the fair was as busy as any food and wine fair you’d attend in Paris. Here are just a few of the food stands:

www.funkyveggie.fr Meal prep baskets
www.veganbowl.com Vegetarian restaurant
www.gentlegourmet.fr Vegan restaurant
www.theveganshop.fr Vegan online shop
www.42degres.com Vegan bistro
www.ivlo.paris Vegan Italian restaurant
www.lolypopkitchen.com Vegan and raw caterer and cooking classes
www.unmondevegan.com Vegan food shop
www.supervegan.fr Vegan diner
www.nataparis.com Yoga and vegetarian cooking classes
http://www.lepagalou.bio Vegan deli and online shop

In addition to food, the fair also had organic, fair trade, and vegan clothing and accessories (the faux-leather shoes look like real shoes people in Paris would actually wear, not just hippie clogs), organic beauty and zero-waste personal hygiene products, gardening and cookbooks, vitamins and supplements, and many organizations who promote veganism, animal welfare and wildlife conservation. I stopped at the Sea Shepherd France stand to chat with the French volunteers (here in the photo with Christelle) and admire their new campaign t-shirts (Sea Shepherd is an international, direct-action ocean conservation organization that is 100% vegan).

The takeaway? Not only are more Parisians interested in vegan food (and let’s just say they’re a picky lot!), it’s also easier than ever to be meat and dairy free in Paris. If you’re interested in a healthy lifestyle, don’t miss the largest organic fair in Paris coming next month, the annual Salon Marjolaine, Nov 5-13). These fairs are great places to get these products for much better prices than you’d find in the shops, so bring your shopping trolley!

Two more websites to check out for more vegan resources and restaurants in Paris are Paris by Vegan and Happy Cow. For a very chic vegan experience, the Shangri-La palace hotel's La Bauhinia hosts a monthly Vegan Dinner on the first Thursday of the month and a daily Vegan Afternoon Tea

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Reader Comments (3)

Thanks for this information! My first visit to France was last September, and I found it difficult to eat vegetarian, let alone vegan. I'm glad to have some new resources for my next visit!
October 31, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterNancy Stovall
Hello Heather

Very nice article!
I'm very pleased to see that you See Lendemain Organic as something "people in Paris would actually wear, not just hippie clogs" as this is exactly what we are striving after!
Have a good weekend and I will see you around!

Best, Anna

November 12, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterAnna Kierkegaard
Vegan food is not boring, the only limit is your imagination
Paris is not boring too !!
December 4, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterHerc

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