Breakfast in America
Friday, December 2, 2005
Heather Stimmler-Hall in 4th arrondissement, 5th arrondissement, Dining under €15, International

Breakfast in America
17 rue des Ecoles, 5th
Tel 01 43 54 50 28
Cardinal LeMoine or Jussieu

As much as I’ve grown to love French-style breakfasts (aka “Continental”), I still get an urge for pancakes. Often at odd hours of the day (growing up on Denny’s will do that to you). So I thought I’d stop into Breakfast in America, a typical American 50s-style diner with formica tables and bottomless Mug O’Joe (affectionately translated as “Jus de Chaussettes” on the menu). Breakfast is served all day (until 11pm, seven days a week), but I actually cracked for the bacon cheese burger, which came perfectly-cooked with a side of fries. I sat at the bar to eat, while the tables and booths filled up with mostly French students from the Sorbonne. The prices are reasonable (a meal for about 10 euros), the atmosphere authentic (not at all a “theme diner” à la Planet Hollywood), and the service friendly. Every once in awhile we Americans do food the right way! ;)

Update on Tuesday, May 30, 2006 by Registered CommenterHeather Stimmler-Hall

A second location has opened in the Marias:

4 Rue Mahler, 4th
Tel 01 42 72 40 21
M° St-Paul 

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