Bouillon Racine
Saturday, July 2, 2005
Heather Stimmler-Hall in 6th arrondissement, Dining €15-€30, Historic

The Bouillon Racine
3 Rue Racine, 6th
Tel 01 44 32 15 60
M° Cluny-Sorbonne

This former worker’s canteen dates back to 1906. It has an amazing Art Nouveau interior on two levels, with mosaic tiling and wrought iron furnishings. There are different menus available, including one dinner menu for €26 that includes a starter, main dish and dessert. The food is delicious, French cuisine with a light, creative touch. And…drum roll…the service was excellent. I almost went into shock when the waiter came by at one point *just* to ask if everything was okay. If case you’ve never been to Paris before, the norm (in this price range, anyway) is that the wait staff disappear as soon as your food is served and don’t reappear unless you perform Cirque du Soleil style contortions to get their attention. Valet parking, jazz nights, a non smoking area…book early!

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