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Déli-Cieux at Printemps

deli-cieux3.jpgDéli-Cieux at Printemps
64, boulevard Haussmann, 9th
Tel 01 42 82 57 87
M° Havre-Caumartin


There used to be a Flo cafeteria on the top floor (9th) of the Printemps Maison store at Boulevard Haussmann. It was very 70s in style (in a bad way), but I’d still go up just for the panoramic views from the wooden deck (accessible even if you’re not going to the café). There was a lot of drooling press write-ups about the new café Déli-Cieux which opened in its place last month, so I decided to go visit on a sunny day with my friend Sylvia.

deli-cieux4.jpg First of all, it was too hot. It’s like an aquarium, all boxed in by glass (great for views), but with the doors to the terrace open, no amount of A/C could keep it cool. There are tables outside as well, but they didn’t have any umbrellas, so you’d be dining in full sun (albeit with a little Eiffel Tower in the background). The actual design hadn’t changed much despite the brightening up with white walls and tablesand some odd poodle-like shrubs hanging from the ceiling. It’s still a “grab a tray and get in line” style of eating, but the food seemed healthy and varied (salads, grilled meats, pastas, fresh fruit, etc.). Count on about €15 for a full meal. I don't think they're actually done yet, because the press photos show huge trees and tent-like awnings over the terrace, so maybe they're waiting for July...


Incidentally, we decided to go find a cooler place to dine, and ended up at the Ladurée café on the 1st floor of the Printemps Mode store next door. No windows, but those macarons are to die for!

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