Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Heather Stimmler-Hall in 9th arrondissement, Contemporary, Dining €30-€50

6 rue Bailleul, 1st
Tel 01 45 96 05 72
Open for dinner, Mon-Sat, and lunch for Thurs-Fri.
Reservations an absolute must.



Reserve your table. Arrive at the sliding glass door and either wait for the joli serveuse to open it or try it yourself (good luck). There are only a handful of tables in a modern-minimalist setting, a few whimsical statues on the walls. There's no need to look at the menu, and I hope you're not a fussy eater. There's only one choice, that which the young, Chicago-born chef and owner Daniel Rose decides after a visit to the market that morning. They tell you what's coming, and you smile and nod your head, just like when you eat chez les amis. Watch Daniel working away in the open kitchen while drinking your wine (that you do get to choose), your appetite growing as the smells waft through the room.

Spring2.JPGDivine. Perfect. More than generous portions. My pheasant was juicy, the octopus tender, the dessert, inhaled. BTW, don't expect anything resembling American cuisine here. It's as classically French as you should expect from someone who has worked for many years at some of the top restaurants in Paris. I dined with food writer Rosa Jackson (shown here taking a photo of her starter -- "I would rather you eat it than take pictures of it," says the chef), who gives the food two thumbs up.

The menu is €36 for four courses. Enjoy!


A blur of talent! Ask Daniel about his private cooking lessons in the afternoon. 

The best for last...

Update on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 by Registered CommenterHeather Stimmler-Hall

In 2009 Spring moved from the 9th to new digs in the 1st (address corrected in the review) and will be reopening in summer. Call for reservations.

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