Thursday, August 30, 2007
Heather Stimmler-Hall in 6th arrondissement, Dining €15-€30

Le Nemrod
51, rue Cherche-Midi, 6th
Tel 01 45 48 17 05


On Monday night I met up with David Lebovitz and my friend Jeanne, who comes to Paris every Monday (she's a flight attendant). We were all starving and looking for somewhere good to eat in the 6th. You'd think a food writer, a travel writer and a flight attendant could make this easy, but all of us had our own idea of where to go. 

Finally David recommends the brasserie Le Nemrod for the great steak-frites, and since neither Jeanne nor I had been before, we hop on some Vélib' bikes and head on over. It's not far from the Bon Marché, but just enough off the beaten tourist track to keep the quality high. It's on the corner, with a large covered terrace, typical Parisian brasserie decor, and a professional and attentive wait staff.

The menu has a large selection of salads and steaks, but we all crack for one of the specials of the day, a steak with a 'brick' of cheese on top, accompanied by a baked potato drowning in salted butter. Yum!

My steak with cheese and baked potato.

We order them à point (medium) with a plate of frites and a bottle of red, a Gamay, I think...I let David pick it. "It might be a bit dry for you," said the waiter with a concerned look on his face. "No, dry is good!" says David.

Except when it comes to steak.  

Our steaks are a bit too well done for Jeanne's taste. There's barely a hint of pink. She asks the waiter, very politely, if he could take it back and make it more rare. David and I hold our breath. The waiter smile and takes the plate away. It comes back medium-rare, like she wanted it. Don't try this unless you're a beautiful redhead with perfect French. ;)

Jeanne got her can she figure out the salt?

The food is, overall, perfect. The fries are crisp (we asked the waiter specifically to cook them a bit longer for us), and the service very pleasant. Our bottle of wine, dish of the day and fries came out to about €25/person.

Highly recommended. Just make sure you ride a bike or walk home afterwards to burn some of those calories!

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