Certains L’Aiment Show
Saturday, September 15, 2007
Heather Stimmler-Hall in 6th arrondissement, Dining €30-€50

“Certains L’Aiment Show”
12 rue
Dauphine, 6th
Tel 01 56 24 01 00
M° Odéon



Fans of Marilyn Monroe might know that the name of this theme restaurant is a play on words for “Some Like it Hot” (“Certains L’Aiment Chaud” in French). The “show” here is a mix of Marilyn abd Brigitte Bardot kitsch, a live piano player and solo singer, and flat-screen TVs showing a continuous loop of Marilyn films. The décor is otherwise somewhat formal in a long, shot-gun space with no windows. I think it would have been more interesting if it wasn’t almost empty the night we were there. The food is classic French: terrines, fish, veal, steaks, crème brûlée, etc. The menu is €45, which seems perfectly acceptable, but maybe…I think if you go with a big group it could be fun. Or if you want a quiet, private table for you and your date. I think I need a second opinion on this one! Closed Sunday.


Someone once warned be about restaurants with square plates...

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