Saturday, September 15, 2007
Heather Stimmler-Hall in 5th arrondissement, Contemporary, Dining under €15

3 rue de Cluny, 5th
Tel 01 43 54 99 85
-La Sorbonne

Custom pasta and burgers in a contemporary setting. This is not usually the kind of place I’d recommend to visitors, because it’s just not very French. But there are so few decent places to eat in the Latin Quarter that I thought I’d let you know where I usually end up when I’m in the area.

Watt is right by the Cluny Medeival Museum, a quiet street off the Blvd St-Germain. The décor is very contemporary, bright colored chairs, white walls, high ceilings with a mezzanine, and a handful of tables on the sidewalk. The draw here is that you can mix and match your pasta, your sauces, and your toppings. Not common for France. They also have very good burgers and tapas-style desserts. An inexpensive lunch option for picky eaters.

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