Planet Sushi
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
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Planet Sushi
55 rue Montorgueil, 5th
M° Monge
08 26 00 33 33

Planet Sushi has five locations in Paris open 11am-11pm, my favorite being on the Rue Montorgueil because there's plenty of room to sit in a wonderfully contemporary hot pink and white (Manga-inspired?) decor.They have all of the "regular" offerings you see in Paris, with heavy focus on salmon, tuna and avocado. But they do some really fun maki, like the MakiSlim with fish eggs, masago, mint, or coriander, in addition to the salmon, tuna or avocado (for vegetarians), and Nutella maki for dessert. Other ingredients include shrimp, cucumber, cream cheese, grilled salmon, marinated radish, goat cheese, dried tomatos, salmon eggs, and spicy tuna. A good break with the ordinary! The sushi comes in five different kinds of fish, scallops, fish eggs, tuna tartare or cooked tuna.

Obviously they deliver sushi in all its forms at reasonable prices; delivery is free with a minimum order of €15. I like their cute delivery bag, too. Best thing is, you can ORDER ONLINE! No need to call, pas mal eh? One disappointment: my hot miso soup was sitting right on top of my maki rolls, creating an unpleasant circle of warm sushi. Let’s hope it was a fluke.

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