Bellevue et du Chariot d'Or
Thursday, March 15, 2007
Heather Stimmler-Hall in 3rd arrondissement, Hotels €75 and under

Hôtel Bellevue et du Chariot d'Or
39 rue de Turbigo, 3rd.
Tel 01 48 87 45 60. Fax 01 48 87 95 04.
Mº Réamur-Sébastopol, Arts et Métiers 

Central, clean, and cheap, this no-frills hotel on the edge of the Marais is perfect for anyone just looking for a safe and cheap sleep. Its faded Belle Époque decor of old chandeliers and faded gold trimming may be charming, shabby or "naff" (as the Brits would say), depending on your point of view, but there's an elevator, and each room has TV and telephone for those with the inclination to use them. You're well-situated for enjoying the Marais and East Paris nightlife, and could easily walk to Notre-Dame in 15 minutes.

59 rooms, no a/c. Doubles from €70.

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