Museum Tours with the Localers

Are you looking for a private or small-group, skip-the-line tours of iconic Parisian museums and monuments such as Versailles, the Louvre, Catacombs, the Musée d’Orsay, Picasso Museum, or Saint-Chapelle? Secrets of Paris has teamed up with the passionate team of fully-licensed guides, Paris Localers. There are many tour companies offering museum tours, but Localers are one of the few which are truly local (owned and operated by Parisians), and 100% legit (unlike the guides which get regularly kicked out of museums because they’re not wearing a badge). And the Localer guides are fun! Use the Secrets of Paris discount code "HSOP" to get 5% off your next tour.

Paris History of Fashion tour - Luxury, Jewelry & Haute-Couture - 3-hour small group walking tour - €56 per person, including a coffee break. Alongside your fashion expert, explore the most fashionable streets of Paris & retrace the incredible carrier of these world famous avant-gardists geniuses who (re)invented fashion in the 19th Century. Your 3-hours walking tour will lead you to Palais Royal, Rue Saint-Honoré and Place Vendôme, and you'll travel back in time to understand the turning point in the world's fashion history.

Scandalous Paris - Brothels, Boudoirs & Courtesans - 3-hour small group walking tour - €65 per person, including a cocktail in a former brothel. Follow you expert city guide on a scandalous & kinky Parisian adventure! From Palais Royal to South Pigalle, your guide will tell you lustful stories and anecdotes about the historical sensual and glamorous characters that made Paris the City of Love. Meet some of the most notorious and luxurious brothels of the Belle Époque, learn how they operated and have a cocktail on us in a velvety atmosphere.

Paris Street Art tour – Artsy Village & Mural Frescoes - 2.5-hour small group walking tour - €46 per person. In the heart of Paris’ 13th Arrondissement, discover the city’s true Street Art epicentre. Our expert guide is not only an expert of the Street Art movement and what it represents in Paris, but he will give you the real insider view, interpreting the ever changing pieces with his vast knowledge in the field. Starting in the village feel atmosphere of La Butte aux Cailles, you can only notice the abundance of random small pieces. But will you be able to spot the stunning details and understand the meaning of all this? Once you’re familiar with this, we’ll take you towards a more modern area where the colossal frescoes beautifully decorate the sides of the 70’s buildings. 

Paris WWI tour - 3-hour small group walking tour - €56 per person, including a coffee breakCommemorate the WWI Jubilee on our unique small group tour. Your local guide will take you on a 3-hour historical journey through the different steps of the Great War: the mobilization, the everyday life of a city at war and so close to the front lines, and the celebration after the victory. Highlights of the tour include the Invalides, Alexandre III Bridge, the Champs-Elysées or Place Vendôme and you will discover the key events that took place there as your guide paints a vivid picture of the period with characters and stories that will transport you back to one of Paris’ most intriguing eras.

Rodin Museum & Gardens Private tour - 2-hour private tour - from €321 for 2 people, skip the line tickets included. Get away from the tourist crowd & explore the stunning Rodin museum and its gardens this summer, a heaven of peace in Paris. Masterpieces such as The Thinker, The Kiss, and the imposing Gates of Hell will be just some of the highlights of your visit. Listen as your guide recounts tales of the intriguing working process Rodin employed to create such unforgettable 3D expressiveness. Not only will you discover details about the works themselves, but also how the events of Rodin’s life—often dramatic and tumultuous—influenced his art.

Versailles Gardens Photo Shoot - 2-hour experience - €246 from 1 to 6 people,  including skip the line tickets for the gardens of Versailles during the Fountain Water Show and 100 HD unedited pictures delivered to the clients on a SD card right after the shoot. Get lost in Versailles Gardens and discover the Kings & Queens favorite Groves. Your photographer will bring you to the most spectacular parts of the Gardens were the wildest Versailles parties once occurred. From the main central perspective of the Gardens to the most secluded groves, your precious memories will be immortalized against breathtaking backdrops, resulting in vacation photos that truly embody the spirit of Versailles.

** Prices shown are with the 5% discount (code at checkout: HSOP) **