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Parisian Nightlife Websites

If you're looking for the absolute latest nightlife news (and can understand a bit of French), these are just a few of the websites that have information on Paris soirées:

Soon Night
Despite the silly name, this site has information on all of the city's big discotheque-style dance clubs, along with discounts or free entry flyers, and photos posted online after each soirée within two days.

Vodka Coca
Otto and Nico SDZ maintain this refreshingly minimalist site highlighting just a handful of exclusive Paris nightlife events, including soirées and live music performances. Note that one of the partners of Vodka Coca is the Paris Moustache Club.

Even though this is more of a bar industry news website, there's lots of great info for us mortals, such as new bar openings, special events, and even soirées.

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