Secrets of Paris has partnered with INSIDR, an innovative Parisian start-up offering a unique service for travelers in Paris: more than just a smartphone rental, it's also a personalized pocket concierge and digital guide to France!

Secrets of Paris has been working with INSIDR from the very beginning, recommending their services for tour clients as well as partnering for the Secrets of Paris Travel Writing Workshops. We haven't found any other local business offering the same innovative product and dedication to quality at such a great price! 

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Launched at the end of 2015, INSIDR solves the main problems travelers encounter when visiting the French capital. With INSIDR, there'll be no more hunting for a local SIM-card or WiFi network, no more endless waiting in lines surrounded by tourists, no more complicated printed maps and outdated guide books, no more tourist scams, and most importantly, travelers can expect an authentic (rather than mass-tourism) Paris experience.

Upon arrival at the airport in Paris or at their accommodation in France, travelers are delivered a fully-customized connected smartphone with plenty of useful features. The INSIDR service provides full connectivity and a complete non-commercial digital guide with navigation apps, as well as real-time access to a community of local experts.


Some of the main features of the service are:

  • 24/7 Connectivity: unlimited calls, 4G data all over Europe, and a WiFi hotspot for all electronic devices
  • Personalized recommendations: handpicked recommendations and tips according to the travelers’ needs and profile.  INSIDR has gathered over a thousand recommendations of authentic and local spots all over Europe.
  • Local expertise: Daily updates of the must-see sites and must-do activities all over Europe. On-going exhibitions, special events or festival, shopping vouchers or exclusive offers. INSIDR is travelers’ local best advisor!
  • Personal concierge service by the INSIDR Paris team: through the phone the travelers remain connected to the INSIDR team, who provides the most caring Personal Concierge service and operates 24/7 giving non-touristy tips and support.
  • Portable recharger and carrying pouch

In order to provide the best tips and experiences to travelers all over Europe, INSIDR leverages its community of local experts – friendly locals, expats, talented bloggers, local cultural institutions, local shopping operator.

They give you real time recommendations on their most loved places to hang out in Paris- be it bars in Montmartre or the area for the best Asian food in Paris!

Excellent Value

INSIDR offers a simple and straight-forward pricing system with an average price of 7€/day for a week.

They also offer an easy and reliable phone pick up and drop off service. The device will be ready to be picked up at CDG Airport, or at your hotel or rental. INSIDR is there for you from the moment you land until the end of your stay.


The INSIDR Story

The idea behind INSIDR was born in the spring of 2015, initiated by Nina and Benjamin Forlani, sister-brother duo whose family has lived in Paris for 6 generations. Born and bred in Paris, Nina and Ben both share a deep connection to the city, something they wish to pass on to as many travelers as possible.

Although Parisians at heart, Nina and Ben are equally world explorers, and have first-hand experience of customer service and hospitality in both Japan and South Korea. This is something that they are passionate about, and they believe everyone staying in Paris deserves to experience the City of Light in the same way!

When starting out this project in 2015, their vision was to design an innovative solution to ease problems commonly faced by people when coming to Paris, and to build a tool to enhance their whole city experience. Today their dream continues to grow, and they are proud to be part of a global community uniting over 1600 travelers and 100 Parisians.

Despite only launching in 2015, the INSIDR service has already received outstanding media coverage from the New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, The Guardian and Elle.