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American-born travel journalist and guidebook author Heather Stimmler-Hall created the Secrets of Paris in 1999 to share the hidden side of the City of Light. Discover what you've been missing:

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Calendar of Paris Events

Through February 27
The 100% Packaging-Free Organic Pop-Up store by BioCoop, originally just slated to run through COP21, has been such a success that it's not extended through the end of February.  There are over 250 itiems available in bulk, including produce, fresh bread, dairy (butter, yogurt and cheese), fresh ground coffee, nut butters, and other items, 20% from local sources. If you don't bring your own reusable glass jars and other containers you can buy them at the shop. At 14 rue du Châteu d'Eau, 10th, open 10am-8pm Mon-Sat. 

December 1 - January 31
Skate on the Eiffel Tower! This year the ice skating rink on the first level of the Eiffel Tower is back, free for those who already have a ticket for the Tower, open daily 10:30am-10:30pm. Skip the line by taking the stairs, it will help you warm up, too! Skates size 25-47 (EU), sleds and scooters for kids, gloves are required. This year's theme is COP21, so expect to see an eco-friendly decor.

Through February 28
Bartabas' Zingaro shows combine equestrian theatre, dance, world music, poetry and many other disciplines. After having pounded the ground of his Théâtre Equestre Zingaro for more than a quarter of a century, Bartabas is now tackling the skies with his new show "They shoot angels, don't they? (elegies)". Get your tickets €42-50 at FNAC

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Secrets of Paris gives 10% of all tour fees to the French food bank, Les Restos du Coeur


Custom Tours and Travel Planning

Looking for truly insider travel experience that only an experienced, professional travel expert living in Paris since 1995 can provide? Heather started the Secrets of Paris newsletter in 1999 while working as travel editor at ELLE.com in Paris, and since then has covered Paris and France for all of the major travel publications and websites, and has updated or authored over a dozen travel guides. She has been a professional tour guide since 2004, creating the Secrets of Paris Tours to offer unique, fully customized private tours and travel-planning services to discerning travelers. She does not do generic, one-size-fits-all “Highlights of Paris Tours”. If you’re looking for an experience that no other tour company can provide, then Secrets of Paris tours and travel-planning services may be for you.

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Museum Tours with the Localers

Are you looking for a private or small-group, skip-the-line tours of iconic Parisian museums and monuments such as Versailles, the Louvre, Catacombs, the Musée d’Orsay, Picasso Museum, or Saint-Chapelle? Secrets of Paris has teamed up with the passionate team of fully-licensed guides, Paris Localers. There are many tour companies offering museum tours, but Localers are one of the few which are truly local (owned and operated by Parisians), and 100% legit (unlike the guides which get regularly kicked out of museums because they’re not wearing a badge). And the Localer guides are fun! Email us for your Secrets of Paris discount code to get 5% off your next tour.

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Secrets of Paris gives 10% of all tour fees
to the French food bank, Les Restos du Coeur