Specialty Paris Tours

Tag Along with a Travel Writer As travel journalists we’re always checking out new places in and around Paris, including cafés, shops, museum exhibits, new sights, hidden restaurants, rooftop gardens, etc. Sometimes we make amazing discoveries to share with our readers, and sometimes we decide it’s just not for the Secrets of Paris. Join us on one of our research trips into the great unknown and you can help us decide if they make the cut. This tour works best for solo travelers (since we like to be discreet when testing a new place, it’s best not to have a “group”) and includes any entrance fees, travel and meals (if applicable). Contact us to find out what’s on our “To Do List” for a variety of options to choose from. Price €100-€250/person depending on the excursion. Contact us for a quote. 

“Made in France” Shopping Tour With so many French brands available abroad, some visitors think there isn’t anything they can buy in Paris that they can’t get “back home”. Au contraire! On this customized tour, you can discover unique Parisian clothing boutiques, perfume shops, home décor ateliers and even food markets selling products you won’t find anywhere but Paris. Note: This tour is usually best in the afternoons Tuesday through Saturday, when most of the smaller shops are open. Prices from €400-€600 for a half day tour. Contact us for a quote. 

Custom Shopping Tours Heather has written and updated many shopping guides to Paris over the years, so she has a long list of specialized boutiques, hidden shops and the best budget finds. We can customize a shopping tour by area or according to budget, tastes, interests or specific items. Here are just a few of the tours we’ve arranged in the past: food & wine, pastries & chocolate, flea market & antiques, art shopping tours, plus-size shopping, teen & children’s shopping. Prices from €400-€700 for a half day tour. Contact us for a quote. 

Graffiti Tours Paris has become the preferred canvas for many top graffiti artists and international street artists, with a particularly large concentration in certain neighborhoods where the local shopkeepers and residents invite the “graffeurs” to decorate their facades. On this tour you’ll see a side of Paris most tourists never see, with a choice of the colorful, multi-cultural Belleville district (and its hilltop park with panoramic views), contemporary Chinatown with the tallest murals in Europe, or the charming, residential Butte aux Cailles district. We can also include visits to several art galleries specializing in street art if you’d like to take home a one-of-a-kind piece of Paris! Prices from €300-€600 for a half day tour. Contact us for a quote. 

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