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Within Paris, taxi's aren't that bad. If you know where you're going. Otherwise you'll just have to cross your fingers and hope the driver doesn't take you three arrondissements out of your way as you watch the fare rise.

Basics to know:

  • The rooftop sign of an available taxi is completely lit up. An occupied taxi has just a little orange bulb lit up.

  • To hail a taxi, just wave one down from the edge of the sidewalk. Whistling or hollaring "Taxi!" doesn't work. This isn't New York.

  • You can also ask your hotel or restaurant to call you a taxi (it will arrive with a running meter).

  • If you're within a block of a taxi stand, the taxis won't stop (to give priority goes to those standing in the line, if there is one).

  • Drivers can refuse to pick you up if they don't want to go the direction you're going (usually at the end of their shift).

  • You can usually go anwhere in central Paris for €10, or all the way across town at night for €20.

  • Minimum fare is €5.60, and rates change at night and when you leave the city limits (ie airport). There's an extra charge for a fourth passenger (€2.75), for luggage that needs to be put in the trunk (€1/each), and for picking up at train stations or the airport (about €2.60). These fees are all listed on the sticker posted to the rear door window.

  • Most taxis only take cash, and they may not have a lot of change. To find a tai that takes credit cards, reserve one by phone and specify this need. If you absolutely have to, ask the driver to stop at a bank distributeur so you can get cash.

  • It's always a good idea to ask for a receipt, or ticket, which lists the taxi ID in case you forget something inside. Receipts are always handwritten, so expect it to take an extra minute.

Note : It helps to have the address written down for the driver, since pronunciation problems can cause confusion. Keep the business card of your hotel handy.

Centralized Taxi Hotline: 01 45 30 30 30

Some Taxi Companies

  • Taxi G7: 01 47 39 47 39
  • Taxi Bleus: 08 91 70 10 10
  • Taxi Parisiens: 06 07 77 33 95

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