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Taxis have made a lot of progress since the arrival of competition from Uber! So much has changed that most information found online about Parisian taxis in English is outdated (anything before 2018 is probably incorrect).

Basics to know:

  • Available taxis have green-lit signs on their roof; occupied or reserved taxis have red-lit signs. Easy-peezy!

  • To hail a taxi, just wave one down from the edge of the sidewalk. Whistling or hollaring "Taxi!" doesn't work. This isn't New York.

  • You can also ask your hotel or restaurant to call you a taxi (it will arrive with a running meter).

  • If you're within a block of a taxi stand, the taxis won't stop (to give priority goes to those standing in the line, if there is one).
  • You can usually go anwhere in central Paris for €15, or all the way across town at night for €30.
  • There are now fixed prices for airport transfers: Paris Right Bank - Charles de Gaulle €50; Paris Left Bank -Charles de Gaulle €55; Paris Right Bank - Orly €35; Paris Left Bank - Orly €30.
  • Minimum fare is €7.10; 4 passengers are included, each additional passenger fee is €4/each; more than one bag over 5 kilos that needs to be put in the trunk is €1/each; the supplement for picking up at train stations or the airport is €2.60. These fees are all listed on the sticker posted to the rear door window.
  • Taxis can be reserved by phone for €4 (immediate pickup) or €7 (in advance)

  • Taxis are supposed to all accept credit cards now, but ASK BEOFRE YOU GET IN THE CAR if you absolutely want to use one, because many claim theirs is "out of order".

  • It's always a good idea to ask for a receipt, or ticket, which lists the taxi ID in case you forget something inside. 

Note : It helps to have the address written down for the driver, since pronunciation problems can cause confusion. Keep the business card of your hotel handy.

Centralized Paris Taxi Hotline: 01 45 30 30 30

Some Taxi Companies

  • Taxi G7: 01 47 39 47 39
  • Taxi Bleus: 08 91 70 10 10
  • Alpha Taxis: 01 45 85 85 85

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