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Where's Heather

If you read the August newsletter, you might remember I've been on a much-needed vacation! The world tour is almost through, I'm flying out of San Francisco tomorrow and heading to London for the weekend. There won't be time to fit in a September newsletter (sorry!), I've just been having waaaaay too much fun!

First stop: my hometown of Philadelphia (okay, I was born in the 'burbs, but no one needs to know that). I also detoured to Gettysburg to see more family. It rained every day. I had a cheese steak, some Tatseykakes, and an old Philly pretzel (from a gas station...no one seems to sell them on the street anymore, sniff!)


 Who knew Philly had a French Quarter?


Chillin' out with Cosmos in a cool retro French Quarter bar with my cousins (this is cousin Dave; he's already taken, ladies!).

Next stop, New York City.


This is my artistic interpretation of the Statue of Liberty, taken at night from the Staten Island Ferry.


Poking the pig (if it giggles, it's not done yet) at the Brooklyn Hash House Harriers' annual pig roast.  

New York and Brooklyn were a bit humid. Next stop, San Francisco!


The hills from the top of the De Young art museum in Golden Gate park.


Making the most of the rare Indian Summer weather outside the Conservatory with Cassie (we go waaaaay back...thank goodness the big sunglasses have replaced the big hair). 


Look at the cool Chinatown street markers.

vacation 2.jpg 

Only in San Francisco would there be an aisle for "New Age Drinks" (I'm not even going to comment on "economy wine"...this is California, for cryin' out loud!!)

Small detour to San Diego to see pop and his groovy sailboat, the Calerpittar. 


They only let me steer long enough to take this photo. Seems questions like "Can this thing tip over?" and "How far to Tijuana?" make the skipper nervous). That's NOT my Bud Light, by the way. Ick.  

See y'all after I get back from London!

- Heather 



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